Luna Prime (ft. LavaLectrode)

by Vinyl.rawr

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Verse 1:

Skies cloudin’ up, blastin’ ‘em up
Faster, I’ll blast ya to crap, I’m above
Tracks of my smoke leave a bastard in hazards of
Gas, put a Gas- said a Gasmasks on

White skies ain’t so white anymore
Don’t fly kites, I go fly ‘n soar
All out, unstoppable
“Fallout”, on top of all

I’m in the way, like Luna Prime, go
Quicker, said to shoot up high
Ha, Like Luna Prime…
Yeah, Luna Prime.

Can’t hit me with that Balefire!
Don’t dare fight it, you’re near sighted
Can’t see this is ain’t Friendship City
Plan to meet your end, here

Verse 2:

The Empire Strikes…

Back, faggots, I’m fantastic
My bad habit’s mad flow, addict
Prideful at it, rhymes so bad
It ain’t, nothing short of magic
Luna Prime
It ain’t, nothing short of magic
Not the friendship kind, eccentric minded
End your life, ‘fore ending mine
Stop this, end this madness now
Swap my brain to change my mind
Inhabitants, mad at me, cannot beat strategy,
Sadly, but laughably bad at attacks
I’m a protector, no Hannibal Lector
I stand before peasants and handin’ ‘em death


released August 15, 2014




Vinyl.rawr Scotland, UK

Noise maker from Scotland

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